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Introducing Apex Academy. An online library of video modules that educates the athlete and coach in important aspects of CrossFit.
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Optimal performance is not achieved through random and unproven training methods. We are all unique, and therefore we need to approach training differently. Through comprehensive testing, attention to detail, and enhancing our athletes' knowledge, we leave no stone unturned in finding the optimal path for you.


for Crossfitters by Crossfitters

Apex Academy embodies what we longed for during our competitive days, recognizing that excellence in the sport of CrossFit demands more than just adhering to a training regimen; it necessitates a deeper understanding of one's training and its broader context. That's why we've established Apex Academy - an online platform catering to both athletes and coaches. The academy comprises educational video modules, case studies, and practical guides, and is meticulously designed to give you the tools to optimize your training or guide your athletes toward their goals.

Passion Meets Experience

Ever wondered who's behind Apex Ahletics, the groundbreaking platform, and the relentless drive that propels us forward? Meet the dynamic team that brings together more than 25 years of CrossFit coaching experience, innovative minds, and a passionate commitment to excellence.


Personal Growth, Tailored for You

At Apex, we offer personalised coaching. Designed to help you become the best athlete you can be.

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